SMC’s Emeritus College student photo exhibit

Iris Malinsky hadn't taken pictures in over a decade, “I had always loved to play around with film and work in the darkroom,” she said. “But when digital cameras came out, they just didn't interest me. I'm kind of a purist at heart.” This remained the case until Malinsky was introduced to Adobe Photoshop classes at Emeritus College, and her love of photography was reborn.

A recent showing on May 3 at Emeritus was the culmination of a two-part gallery exhibition, and was judged in four categories: People, Places, Things and Photoshop. Malinsky took home third place for her Photoshop piece, 'Untitled Shakers.'

Emeritus College was founded in 1975, and offers an array of free classes to the local senior community. The college's name stems from a Latin phrase that means, “retired with honor.”

The college, which is a continuing education subsidiary of Santa Monica College, offers Digital Photography and Photoshop classes, taught by Gerald Schneir, Ken Buckner, and Hanne Espinosa-Frech.

“It's truly amazing what some people can do who have never really had any experience with a camera before,” Schneir said of his students.

While many of the photographs on display were traditional in theme, others had been heavily manipulated with the use of Photoshop, showcasing the students' proficiency with the software.

Isaac Yusim's impressive capture of a Spanish-themed bullfight took first in the 'place' category, while Tahereh Sheikholislam's photograph of pink tulips in bloom garnered a blue ribbon for 'thing.'

Unlike SMC's annual photography show, Emeritus holds smaller exhibitions a few times throughout the year, giving students multiple opportunities to submit their work.

Becky Koblick, volunteer and curator of the Emeritus College Gallery, was glowing with pride over the work on display. “It's kind of an ongoing process,” she explained. “We split the show into two parts, and the turnout has been great.”

The Juried Student Photography Show will run until May 31 in the Emeritus College Gallery at 1227 Second Street in Santa Monica. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.