Lucha VaVoom: Drinko de Mayo

On the 1000 block of Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles is the historic Mayan Theater. The once grand movie palace is now a nightclub, and plays host to the masked Mexican wrestling and striptease show known as ‘Lucha VaVoom.’ This Cinco de Mayo, Lucha VaVoom presented 'Cinco de Mayan,' a show complete with a raucous crowd, sexy burlesque acts, wrestling matches and plenty of tequila.

However, before being allowed to partake in the festivities one had to agree to some terms and conditions. The audience took an oath, “I do solemnly swear that I will not believe what I am about to see,” and every time hosts Jeff Davis and Blaine CA patch said “LUCHA,” the audience had to respond with “VAVOOM.”

Once the rules were set, the fiesta began.

The show kicked off with a little Mexican flare, in the form of folklorico dancers in flamboyant costumes. With a story always attached to these dances, the night’s performance fell in line with the theme of the night - good vs. evil, with sex intertwined.

In the folkloric dance, the ladies were bunnies, and the men were the coyotes, hungry and ready to feast on fresh bunny meat. The dance served as the perfect precursor to all the sexy acts that followed.

For about two hours the audience went back and forth between “lucha” and “vavoom,” wrestlers and Buxoticas (burlesque dancers), good and evil, all leading up to the absolute gems of the show, the Wau Wau Sisters.

New York natives, The Wau Wau Sisters closed the show and brought the house down with their magnificently risqué acrobatic routine that had audience members gasping and cringing, but never looking away. The Wau Wau Sisters used a trapeze and their limbs to excite the crowd, and at the end of their routine, the sisters bathed in liquor to “quench the audience’s thirst.”

A remarkable dancer, Karis shook her rump to a lively tune and drove all the men in attendance (and some of the ladies) wild. Her skills with a simple hula-hoop and her unbelievable hip gyrations presented this 'Buxotica' as a classic sex symbol.

Between burlesque acts, fans were treated to the main event of heavyset men wearing outrageously tight tights and elaborate masks, concealing their identities. These were the men waging the battle between good and evil - the bad ‘Rudos’ and the good ‘Tecnicos.’ The men smacked each other around the ring for viewers' pleasure, putting on a fantastic show.

The Tecnicos - Dirty Sanchez, Crazy Chickens and Li’l Chicken - were priceless acts of Lucha VaVoom. With their high-flying maneuvers, these luchadores protected the audience from the Rudos, and boredom.

On the other hand, the Rudos - Chupacabra, Los Calaveras, and Shamu - overcame the good forces a couple times in the ring, but let their wrath be known when they were defeated.

Though the show ended at 10 p.m., the party continued until 2 a.m., as the theater turned back into a nightclub. Seeing as it was Cinco de Mayo, Lucha VaVoom took advantage of the night.

Taking the oath (to not believe anything seen) at the beginning of the night prepared the audience, only slightly, for the experience. The talents of the Buxoticas and the daring stunts of the Luchadores brought out the Cinco de Mayo spirit in full force.