Global Motion this semester “not another waltz”

The idea of ballet as being pink and fluffy was blown out of the windows of the Santa Monica College gymnasium during this semester’s Global Motion run-through on April 23 - the dancers fiercely performed their routine in pitch-black tutus, to the intense sound of Rammstein’s 'Du Hast.' One piece that really stood out was the French Ballet, as the combination of music, make up, and dark attire set it aside from more traditional routines.

Kardale Holland, a film major at SMC, danced in the last piece of the run-through.

“It feels great,” said Holland. “Every time I dance, I always try to do more.” Holland is a dancer of both hip-hop and modern techniques. According to Holland, even though they are two very different styles, the approach, rules and passion remains similar.

Charlotte Richards, currently an associate professor at SMC, was asked to choreograph this semester’s ballet routine. “I wanted something different. I didn’t want to do another waltz,” said Richards.  “People don’t think that ballet is cool, but it is.”

The choreography of Global Motion was inspired by The Global Citizenship theme of 2012, “Health, Wellness and the Pursuit of Happiness.” With last fall’s Global Motion themed around the pursuit of happiness, the spring semester’s routine conveys the theme of health.

“All of the pieces were choreographed with the theme of health,” said Judith Douglas, founder of Global Motion and department chair. “The last dance is an African piece that depicts a young woman who is infertile, and the shaman helps her to health in order to successfully conceive.”

According to Douglas, the dancers still have some minor training to do, but with work, the pieces will be perfected in time for the big performances.

“The students don’t just learn the steps, they have to study the origin of the piece and the people,” said Douglas. “There are a lot of academics behind it.”

The dancers will perform everything from Swing, Texas Two-Step, Jazz and Mexican Folkloric, to Hawaiian, Samba, Belly Dance and Flamenco on The Broad Stage, May 18 and 19.