$10 Tuesday: Baja Cantina

What could be better than enjoying a warm star-lit evening watching the game on a couple of big screen TVs with a burrito in hand? Nothing? Well, maybe not nothing; try adding endless chips and fresh salsa. If this sounds like the kind of fantasy that gets you all giddy, you might want to check out Baja Cantina. With $10 burning a hole in my pocket, I walked into the restaurant ready to feast. Mexican décor and bright colors decorated the walls, and the crowd seemed mostly young and fashionable.

A big plus about Baja Cantina is the unlimited supply of chips and salsa that are offered at your convenience and at no extra charge during your visit. There’s nothing better than a free snack while you wait to be seated.

I wandered over to the patio bar where there were a couple big-screen-TV’s and outdoor heating. I was greeted by a cheerful waitress, who gave me water and menus.

The happy hour explained the party-like atmosphere. Initially, I was worried that $10 might not be enough to cover the tab, but with the Happy Hour Menu and Patio Bar Menu both having affordable choices, all under the max, I knew I’d have options to work with. From quesadillas to tacos, burritos and enchiladas, the board was covered.

Having driven there, I opted to get a meal with no cocktail, but I made sure to check that $10 could cover the full cantina experience. With happy hour beers running under $5, and tacos, quesadillas and other happy hour items all for $4.99, dinner and a drink could definitely be enjoyed for under $10.

With my bowl of chips, I finally settled on building my own burrito. With a pretty much endless amount of options, I had to narrow it down to one choice of meat, a choice of five rices, bean and veggie combos, and two salsas to stuff into my choice of wheat, flour, or spinach tortilla.

Trying to stay on the healthier side of Mexican food can be quite the task, but with a wheat burrito filled with grilled vegetables, cojita cheese, cucumbers, jalapenos, black beans and rice, I felt like I was doing my body a favor by eating this. I was stuffed after devouring the first half of the burrito, but I couldn’t put it down. It was definitely enough food for two meals.

Around the restaurant, everyone was cheering and enjoying the football game, drinking and laughing.