$10 Tuesday: M Street Kitchen

There are those days when we are too lazy to get up early, but really just can’t get over that craving for French Toast. It’s a beautiful day and you’re dressed in your trendiest outfit. Denny’s just really isn’t going to cut it. Where to go? M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica—problem solved.

With a crowd waiting outside, modern décor and hip, young patrons, many may think that M Street Kitchen would take too much of a toll on their pocketbook. Surprisingly, even a student on a $10 budget can enjoy this fashionable restaurant.Serving their delicious breakfast fare until 4 p.m., as well as affordable lunch and dinner options late into the day, M Street Kitchen is the best place to go in Santa Monica when you’ve got a hankering for an omelet, a burger, or breakfast burrito.

Known best for their popularity at brunch, it’s better to make a reservation ahead of time through OpenTable.com prior to your arrival. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting upwards of a half an hour for a seat. If you’re dining during the day, request the covered patio, where you can enjoy the beautiful L.A. weather. The softly lit interior is best saved for evenings, when candlelight creates an ambiance for a romantic date or dinner celebration.If breakfast is what you crave, try their home-made English muffins. Whether it’s choosing an egg sandwich, or forgoing toast as your side, you can’t go wrong with these soft and fresh muffins to fill you up. An Original Egg Sandwich, topped with ham, bacon, organic sausage, turkey, avocado, and mayo, served with side of fresh greens, is only $7.50.

Recommended by restaurant staff is the French toast for $9. This is not your average soggy toast, this thick and delicious bread is coated in crispy cinnamon sugar, and its interior is filled with creamy custard. Each bite is a little taste of heaven.

My brunch favorite will use up your whole $10 bill, but it is worth the price, and is healthier than French Toast. The Acapulco Omelet, filled with avocado, jalapeno and Oaxacan cheese, meets the $10 cap, but is the perfect breakfast to spice up your day, as well as a healthy alternative to the French toast. Crispy tortilla strips and a side of 9-grain toast scomplete the dish, so don’t be surprised if you can’t finish the entire plate.M Street Kitchen has a great brunch menu with options under $10. A Stacked Turkey Sandwich, California Griddle Burger or bowl of Tortilla Soup will each tickle your taste buds without breaking the bank. And if you find yourself at M Street between 4 and 6:30 p.m., be sure to take a look at the happy hour menu, where items from the dinner menu will be slashed. Beer, wine and sangria also receive a price cut and run between $3 and $5.

For those on a gluten-free diet, ask your waiter for the Gluten-Free Menu, which has numerous options to accommodate your dietary and budgetary needs.

M Street Kitchen is located a block from the beach in Santa Monica at 2000 Main Street.