$10 Tuesday: Samosa House

As an avid bicyclist who commutes from Culver City to Santa Monica College everyday, I always smell delicious foods and fresh roasted coffee in the mornings but I never stop for quick bite.For some time, I’ve wanted to try the food at the Samosa House, an Indian restaurant for vegans and vegetarians with two locations on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. Finally, this Tuesday, I went to the location on 10700 Washington Blvd. near Sony Studios. I smelled garlic, curry, samosas and naan bread--the aromas of the east--coming from this burgundy building on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Overland. As I walked in, the mural on the wall immediately captivated me. Bursting with bright orange and red colors, figures of Ganesh and other Hindu gods in between were spread out across the restaurant An award for “Reader’s Choice 2012: Food and Restaurants” and various other articles from the Los Angeles Times hang on the walls inside the restaurant. There’s also an information panel about the Samosa House making their national debut on Food Network’s, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” near the cash register. Ivy-covered walls surround Samosa’s outdoor seating area, which makes for a mesmerizing setting whether you’re chatting with friends or spending the afternoon studying. The customer service, similar to the efficient Panda Express buffet style system, goes above and beyond to deliver their delicious, healthy vegetarian/vegan Indian food quickly. As I stood in line, I noticed everyone ordered the popular garlic naan bread along with the combination plate. The combination plate includes three entrees from the buffet, basmati rice (brown or white), naan bread (garlic, plain or whole wheat) and raita (a sweet yogurt sauce). Thanks to the offering of delicious samples, I ended up ordering the combination plate. I chose the Aloo Curry, which is just “potato curry” in translation, dal lentils and charcoal smoked cauliflower. The cauliflower is anything but ordinary. It has a creamy after taste to it, and each bite is filled with flavor. The Aloo Curry sits in spicy, aromatic gravy, and is their most popular entrée. Each bite paired with the basmati rice is simply amazing. The naan bread is hot and puffy, and smells divine¾like a fresh pizza crust. With large portions it’s no wonder this place is so popular. You will never find yourself asking an employee for more potato curry because for just $8.50 they fill your plate. The amount was more than enough for lunch. When you go to Samosa House don’t forget to order their signature item: a samosa. This $1.50 house staple is stuffed with potatoes and peas, and is delicious. There are two Samosa House locations, commonly referred to as Samosa House East and Samosa House West. Samosa House West includes a complete variety of Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean grocery items, exotic produce, and beauty products. Samosa House East is a hip, trendy spot with traditional East Indian décor. Come to Samosa House with an open mind and an empty stomach. Pros: Indoor and outdoor seating and large amounts of food. Cons: There’s an extra 50-cent charge if you