Flawless choreography and theatrics perfect Synapse

Synapse Dance Theater’s performance on Saturday, Nov. 3, showcased their talents for the fall season in front of a full audience. Santa Monica College’s contemporary dance ensemble, directed by Jae Lee and Roberta Wolin-Tupas, displayed many creative and artistic dance pieces, which were ultimately tied to greater meanings for the audience to unravel. The performance was held at The Broad Stage and featured a variety of dance styles choreographed by guest, faculty, and student choreographers.The show was comprised of 12 different contemporary dance pieces, ranging from modern dance to hip-hop and jazz. The show’s program briefly explained the underlying meaning of each dance so the audience could have a better understanding of the message behind the choreography. Synapse gives students the opportunity to express their style by allowing them to choreograph the show—displayingg the true talent and potential of this dance company. A number of students collaborated and improvised to find the perfect movement, while others choreographed on their own. Student choreographer Alberta Keyes did an extraordinary job composing a contemporary modern dance piece to Animal Collective’s “Loch Raven.” According to the program, Keyes’s choreography, entitled “Let it Out,” had a special meaning behind it: Never hold back. Get out of your head and dance with your soul. Just let it out! And that is exactly what the dancers did.Keyes’s choreography stood out because it all came together perfectly; from the musical selection to the pearl-white dresses the dancers wore. She choreographed this dance flawlessly and professionally, and set her dancers free on stage, to execute each movement perfectly¾and you could tell this particular piece was heartfelt. Synapse’s performance is complete with theatrics. The lighting arrangements complimented each dance superbly and enhanced the entire show. The musical selections were perfect for each piece and dance style, and the venue—a beautiful setting—accommodated the audience. The dancer’s expressions projected their passion for the theater and could be seen from any angle, while each dancer’s strength was observed with every flexed leg muscle. As a part of the audience, being able to hear each breath the dancers took while performing certain intricate moves and stunts was a highlight that completed the experience effortlessly. Overall, Synapse Dance Theater deliveredsin their first performance of the season. Newcomers and veterans alike danced to their full potential and abilities, they never missed a bea, and were exceptionally professionay. it’s only a matter of time before they show us what they are capable of doing next.