TRiP lounge strips down

Burlesque is not just a movie starring Christina Aguilera that came out in 2010; it is an art form. The sultry dance style is well represented in Los Angeles, with places like Hells Belles Burlesque in Hollywood, and burlesque troupes like The La La’s performing all over the city.

The art form now has a new home at Santa Monica lounge TRiP, with an event called TRiPTease.

Last Wednesday night, the audience at TRiP was treated to singing, dancing and comedy by a group of beautiful, scantily clad young women.

The lounge was quaint, and the artwork painted on the walls added to the comfortable ambiance.

And while the stage was small, the talent was enormous.

Performers with names like Miso Pretty, Debbie Dagger, Roxy Night, and Holiday Sin had the audience eagerly awaiting to see what they had in store.

They were not disappointed.

Holiday Sin opened the show by stripping down to lingerie while singing a cover of “Skyfall,” the title song from the new James Bond movie.

“I thought she was fantastic,” said bar patron Katherine Wessen, of Holiday Sin’s performance. “I’d never have the courage to go up there and sing my heart out while wearing lingerie. She was just incredible.”

Some people love the performances at TRiP so much that they have become regulars at the bar.

“This is my fourth Wednesday in a row, so I guess you could call me a regular of sorts,” said Tori Wilson. “I love this local burlesque show because you actually have a chance to participate. I also like to see them shake their tassels.”

While the singing and dancing in lingerie captured the audience, the show was driven by the vivacious and witty host Kira Turnage, whose stage name is Lola Boutee.

Turnage originally came to Los Angeles to act, but returned to theater when the Screen Actors Guild went on strike.

“When that happened, I returned to theater, which is where I found burlesque,” Turnage said. “I get to wear a corset, I get to sing onstage, and I get to dance, so I was like ‘Hell yeah!’”

Inspired by her newfound passion, Turnage created her own burlesque troupe called The

Dollface Dames perform at TRiP on the first Wednesday night of each month. They also perform at the Britiannia Pub, also in Santa Monica, every Monday night.

So if the desire to watch a variety burlesque performance ever strikes on a Wednesday night, TRiP is the place to go.

TRiP is located at 2101 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica. TRiPTease occurs every Wednesday night from 7 to 10 p.m. and is free of charge.