Universal Studios previews upcoming Despicable Me ride

Despicable Me fans will be able to feel like minions for a day when the new ride Despicable Me Minion Mayhem in 3D opens this spring at Universal Studios Hollywood. “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem will be taking over the space of the former Terminator 2 ride,” says Project Director and Producer, Jon Corfino. “Since we had extra space we decided to add a separate section called Super Silly Fun Land as well, which is an amusement park inspired play zone from the movie Despicable Me.”

The "Despicable Me" films have become a big hit since the first movie premiered in 2010. Because of the big fan base, Universal Studios Hollywood has created a simulator ride based on the movie.

But it’s not just any kind of ride.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem continues the movie's plot and gives audiences a chance to become participants in the movie.

“The whole ride is about letting Gru turn us into minions for his next mission. The ride was made to be very interactive with the audience,” says Corfino.

On Friday, The Corsair was given exclusive access to the construction site at Universal's lot where the ride is being finalized. Although some areas remained closed off and covered up, still not ready for showtime, enough of the ride was ready to give invited guests a sneak peek.

Access was first given to a recreation of the character Gru’s home. Everything was done with incredible detail. Paintings on the wall resembled those in the movie and there were even drawings made by the characters Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Gru’s SR-6 shrink ray was also present, it is the device he uses in the movie for his evil plan.

Visiting press was then taken into a room where Gru appears talking on a big screen and reveals his evil scheme.

“Gru gives us body scans as the floor starts vibrating under us, and at this point we haven’t even gotten to the ride yet,” says Corfino.

When visitors reached the ride there was a big screen and simulator seats waiting to begin the experience in 3D.

“These seats are very highly articulated. They rise up perfectly choreographed with the action on the screen and we do have lots of 4D effects such as wind, water and laser lights,” explains Corfino.

The ride features characters from the film such as Gru, the three girls, Dr. Nefario, and of course the adorable, hugely popular Minions.

When the ride begins, attendees go through Gru’s evil plan and find themselves getting into a little bit of trouble. Things seem to be going wrong until the girls Margo, Edith and Agnus show up to remind Gru that it is their one-year anniversary since they were adopted.

He realizes this and the ride becomes a big celebration.

When exiting the ride, guests are lead into a room where they're given a chance to dance along with all the minions. A disco ball is placed in the center of the ceiling and the place becomes one big party.

“Waiting for us outside the exit is Super Silly Fun Land, where in the movie, it’s where Gru first falls in love with the girls, so this place is very significant,” says Corfino.

When completed the new attraction will include a wet play area, the ride Silly Swirly, a dry playing area, restaurants, and a store with memorabilia from the Despicable Me movie franchise.

Although the ride might be considered very similar to the one already found at Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood has more space and added the extra feature of Super Silly Fun Land, which is the first time Universal Studios Hollywood has built an actual "theme land" in their park.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is scheduled to open to the general public this April.