Broad Stage expands ahead of new season

Expansion of The Broad Stage is Making a lot of Noise

All the noise, dust, banging and commotion at The Broad Stage is to expand the facility and experience for SMC students, educators and the community. This expansion will add yet another amazing element to the already unique Italian horseshoe design of the original facility built in 2008.

When all the dust clears, "The Performing Art Center, East Wing will house a 150 seat multipurpose room for music rehearsals and performances, one music vocal classroom, one music piano classroom and new restrooms," Dr. Tsang said.

The expansion has been underway since August 2014 and is expected to be completed by December 2015.

The construction has not interrupted any of the performances because the space that is being built, is a totally separate building. Although, students taking dance and music classes have said the noise has been a distraction while in class.

Alisa De Los Santos, the Education and Community Programs Manager at The Broad Stage said, "The new space brings the possibility of hosting events for select education programs instead of our office." Which will give the education and community outreach department more resources for their workshops.

More events for educators, students and the community will be possible with this expansion complete, according to De Los Santos. She goes on, "Giving them resources to teach the specific material that their students are then seeing on stage."

SMC students have the chance to participate in The Broad master class program which pairs world-class artists at the height of their careers with students to teach them their craft. The program focuses mainly on the dance, theatre, and music departments.

Master classes that are offered to SMC students this year include BODYTRAFFIC for dance students; actors can participate in the Box Tale Soup production and The Calder Quartet is offered for musicians.

The student matinee program was the first education program developed at The Broad Stage and not only services K-12 grades but also any professor at SMC can request free tickets for their class to attend a performance as a group. De Los Santos said, "The student matinee is one of the most robust programs with the education department, and the buses are something we find is one of the most important thing we can fund."

The new east wing that is currently under construction will be used for the professional development workshops that support the K-12 education and community program. Educators can apply for this program by visiting

Individual student tickets can be obtained by calling the box office for a discounted student price of $20; regular price tickets are $45-$135. The tickets are limited, but students can request tickets at the discounted price any time while supplies last.

Subscriptions are now available although there is not a student subscription yet, the regular subscription secures your seat with a 10% discount.

The Broad Stage hosts performances such as theater shows, musicals, films, dance, opera, symphony and chamber orchestras. It currently offers two different stages, the main stage with 499 seats while the Black Box is a more intimate space used for up-in-coming performers.

So go check out a performance and get inspired in the arts to add to your educational experience.