Looking ahead at world's first Vegan Oktoberfest

If you want to recreate the feel and culture of a traditional German Oktoberfest without serving sausages, schnitzels, chicken or any other meat, dust off your lederhosen and go see for yourself.

On October 4, the world’s first Vegan Oktoberfest will take place, right here in Santa Monica.

Instead of meat they will offer many German-themed foods such as potato pancakes, beer brats, sauerkraut, pretzels, and more.

To really create the traditional atmosphere, german music and entertainment will also be featured at the event.

Stewedsheidzel (Oktoberfest veterans), led by renowned musician Stewart Undem will undoubtedly lead the crowd in some chicken dances and yodeling contests.

Los Angeles band, Knyght Ryder, known for their covers of Journey, Weezer, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, and Snoop Dogg, will also be performing.

Although no meat will be served at the event, culture will still play a huge part in Vegan Oktoberfest.

“What’s great about an event like Vegan Oktoberfest is that people can participate in cultural events and enjoy great food without consuming meat or dairy products,” said Kaya Foster, Student Greening Program Coordinator.

To those who are new to vegan, the culture and entertainment will be primarily what will draw them to this event. “Food is a huge part of how we enjoy our culture and how we spend time with family and friends,” Foster said.

The Vegan Oktoberfest event, while it primarily caters to vegans, welcomes anyone to come and enjoy. “I think it will bring a crowd together, vegan and non-vegan alike,” vegan student Cheyenne Morrill said.

Vegan Oktoberfest is well past due for some vegans, and for Bronwyn Hancock it’s time for an event like this. “It’s nice to know you can partake in an event like this without worrying about what you can eat and having to ask questions,” she said.

There will also be vegan craft brews available, as well as gluten free options and ciders.

For SMC student Gabrielle Brown, beer was enough to get her attention. “I’m looking forward to the Lagunitas. Hopefully they will have some Pumpkin Pale Ale too,” Brown said.

According to the Vegan Oktoberfest website, “a portion of the proceeds from Vegan Oktoberfest will benefit Expand Animal Rights Now, an organization dedicated to using the legal system to help animals.”

General admission tickets are $45, VIP $65, and non-drinker admission is $20. 2600 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, 90405.

Cheers, or rather, “Prost!”