Spirits soar at Club Row

SMC entered a new level of excitement on Thursday when it kicked off its annual Club Row, an event that showcases the College's many student clubs with music, dancing and food in an effort to recruit new members.

Students gathered in the quad and took the opportunity to escape the pressures of grades, GPAs, midterms and essays to learn about the many clubs on campus.

SMC President Chui L. Tsang was present at Thursday's gathering. He commented on how organized the event was, but couldn't decide on a favorite club.

"I haven't had a chance to see all the clubs yet," he said. "They all look great. I like the new set up: less crowded, more space, students can enjoy the place better."

In total, 49 clubs participated in the event, each debuting something unique in their effort to introduce students to their club.

Clubs featured attention-grabbing tactics to entice new members. Phi Theta Kappa wore togas, skirts, and head wreaths, the Chemistry Club presented a solar-powered mini car and the Pan-African Student Union performed exotic African dances.

The Martial Arts Association went above and beyond honest persuasion. They featured a dance circle fusion of hip-hop and martial arts. One student played a small drum while two others yelled "bailar" (Spanish for "to dance").

"I think it's a wonderful event," he said. "Every year it brings out the spirits of the students. And it's observable; you can feel the atmosphere, you can see it."