Big Blue Ruckus

Line 12 of Big Blue Bus made an unscheduled stop on Pearl Street this morning as Santa Monica College Police department detained a man causing disruption to the rush hour commute.

The bus driver reported to the police that the suspect was throwing food and disrupting the passengers, according to Officer Raymond Bottenfield of SMCPD . When the call was made the suspect left the bus, but was apprehended by SMCPD.

The bus driver alerted the Santa Monica Police Department as well as the Santa Monica College Police Department, who were the first to come in contact with the suspect.

"He wasn't totally being cooperative," said Bottenfield, "but he wasn't throwing punches." The suspect was handcuffed in the back of the SMCPD vehicle, and transported to a nearby hospital for medical and psychological evaluation.

Officers continue to search the area around Pearl Street for evidence.

The disruptive man caused a stir among local observers because he appeared to be nude from the waist down. Bottenfield later clarified that the man was wearing flesh colored shorts.