Malibu Public Facilities Authority OK's Santa Monica College Satellite Campus in Malibu

On April 20, the Malibu Public Facilities Authority authorized Santa Monica College to collaborate an accord with the county of Los Angeles to build a satellite campus on county-owned land in Malibu's civic center. This agreement would also consent to build a new Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department substation as part of the building improvements.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors still have to approve the use of the land which would consist of 20,000 square feet for the college satellite and 5,700 square feet for the sheriff's substation.

Approval by the board is likely, with much optimism among trustees and supervisors.

"The agreement has the backing from supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, the sheriff, Santa Monica College, and the City of Malibu," said Jim Thorsen, city manager. " I am very hopeful the county board of supervisors would approve the agreement."

The money for this new satellite campus comes from a $135 million bond measure approved by Santa Monica and Malibu residents in 2004 that included $25 million for the educational facility in Malibu.

According to the press release published by the city of Malibu, the mayor of Malibu, Sharon Barovsky, has expressed great joy over this merger stating, "The Santa Monica College satellite campus will provide new educational opportunities for the community, and the sheriff's substation will expand law enforcement's capacity to serve Malibu, especially during emergencies. Residents have long sought both of these projects, and we are so pleased to see they are moving forward."

The Santa Monica College Trustees also are happy with the union.

"We appreciate the support of the Malibu community and look forward to enhancing the local educational opportunities," said SMC Trustee Nancy Green in the press release.

SMC Trustee Rob Rader also commented in the press release, "This truly is an example of inter-governmental cooperation to maximize benefits and to save the taxpayers' money."

The current satellite campuses of SMC are the Bundy Campus, which houses the nursing program, teacher training program and many journalism classes, the SMC Performing Arts Center & Music Academy, which has the widely-praised music program, The Academy of Entertainment & Technology, which accommodates graphic design and Interior Architectural Design, in addition to entertainment technology, The Airport Campus houses the ceramics program and the mentor arts program and the Emeritus College has various classes for older adults.

If this plan is approved, the Malibu satellite campus will be the sixth in the list of satellite campuses the school currently has. It is not known whether this campus will emphasize in certain programs and courses.

According to the college, about 130 students are currently taking classes in Malibu at the Webster Elementary School in the Civic Center area, where general education, art, and photography classes are taught.

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