Interview with National Socialist Movement Regional Director Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is a Sergeant of the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist organization that hosted a controversial rally on Saturday, April 17. The demonstration, the NSM claims, was held to both publicize the group's "Reclaim the Southwest" campaign, and to publicly protest what they feel is a violation of their civil rights, claiming that the current immigration policies of the United States protect only the immigrating cultures, without protecting the descendents of Aryan ethnicities hoping to preserve their own unique customs and cultures.

Unfortunately, while protecting the heritage of a people is paramount to the civil liberties offered by the United States, the methods utilized by the NSM are effectively counter-productive, and a detriment to their efforts to establish a cultural sanctuary in the interest of ethnic conservation. Donning Nazi paraphernalia and carrying swastika-laden banners, the NSM does more to make itself a target than a success. Their strategy to establish protection from the influence of other cultures, and for fairer ethnic representation in American society, only galvanizes counter-protestors from across the U.S. to condemn and repress their quest for social justice.

Which, ironically, proves their point.

From one standpoint, if any ethnicity cannot rightfully speak (no matter how hateful, offensive, or socially ignorant it is perceived to be), then they are victims of discrimination.

The reality, of course, is far more complex. Because the NSM is not calling for fair treatment, but for exclusive treatment, they invalidate their request for fairness. On a more historical note, the NSM claims an entitlement to America, repeatedly claiming that our society was built by the efforts of a single race. While this claim denies the global efforts that have developed our nation into what it is, it altogether dismisses the existence of the only purely American race: the Native Americans.

The issue at hand is not the morality of the NSM's protests against or proliferation of discrimination, but how the people of America react to it. Civil rights imply, at minimum, a measure of civility, and appropriate reactions can be decided from this necessary mindfulness. But by outright censure, the organizations that endorse the eradication of the NSM serve only to manifest the oppression claimed by the NSM, and to ostracize themselves as hypocritical.

The rationale behind civil justice is that by allowing one side of an argument to present its case, the other side can choose to accept it because it is supported by reason, or to ignore it if it is unreasonable. Put more succinctly, if the NSM is being legitimately discriminated against, they cannot be written off simply because they are white and rude. However, if their claims are unfounded, then Americans should simply point out the obvious factual inaccuracies on which they base their arguments.

The following is a phone interview with National Socialist Movement regional director, Sergeant Jeff Hall.

First and foremost, what is the purpose of this rally? Why is the NSM doing it?

To let people know we are here. We're going to be running candidates soon, and they'll be getting political seats. It's going to be big, and [by electing government officials] that's how we're going to reclaim the southwest.

Knowing that Los Angeles is predominantly cohabitated by what would otherwise be considered minorities, why would you choose to hold such an offensive protest here?

Because it's a sanctuary city – that's what we're fighting against. Crime rates are out of control, and a lot of lives have been lost due to unregulated immigration.

Why would now be a good time to protest immigration?

The NSM has been growing for over 35 years, and we keep growing. We have a lot of new growth in the West. It's time to flex our muscles out here; to let the people know we're here and that we're going to get people into office.

What exactly is the objective of electing NSM officials into office? How would nationalist socialists differ from other socialist candidates?

Here's the issue: You can't take money from one group and give it to another. There's so many people – different religions, cultures, races, etc. – pushing and pulling in different directions, that it's hard to have strong, widespread socialism [without nationalism].

If America is the melting pot of the world, how can you claim any race has superiority over any of the others?

America is a white country; it's always been a white country. We're not just talking about the original 13 colonies, we're talking about manifest destiny – we're talking about the great white manifest destiny. We came and fought for this land. One race. One nation. It's a lot simpler when you're supporting your own people; people you understand, people you can relate to do.

By your definition, the Aryan race would include Celts, Russians, South Africans, Australians, etc. How would nations as culturally diverse as these avoid influencing white American culture? Isn't "American" culture already a mixture of numerous cultural contributions anyway? How would you separate yourselves?

We'd be happy with seceding – creating our own land. Why can't we whites have a white nation? [Immigrants] keep pushing their cultures, influencing white culture – our culture. What would happen if all of us went to Japan and just waited around in the streets? What if we decided to start marching through their cities, demanding rights? Demanding reform from their governments and leadership? First and foremost, we are essentially a white civil rights group. We're patriots.

With the influence of American culture on virtually every other culture on the planet, how does the NSM rationalize that there is a violation of white civil rights?

There's the ACLU. There's the United Negro College Fund. There are all-black schools – we couldn't have an all white school, they would call it "racist." Anything we do is "pro-hate." How many white boy or white girl college funds do you see? We are being discriminated against. There's nothing wrong with being white. There's nothing wrong with having our own nation.

But you are imitating Nazis. Especially in a city as diverse as LA, you have to know how offensive that will be to people. Why Nazis?

The Nazis were National Socialists. The negative connotation is just propaganda. It was a failed war that failed the Nazis, not failed National Socialism.

What about the swastikas, a symbol now associated with hatred and intolerance?

How many people that hate swastikas have even read "Mein Kampf?" Think about here in America: we had prison camps for the Japanese.

But we didn't kill millions of them in these prison camps...

Millions? The Red Cross put the number at less than 275,000. I've heard six million. I've heard 50 million. You know why the number is never the same? It never happened. Most of the Jews in World War II died from Typhus, or disease, or hunger. I'm a denier. I don't believe in the Holohoax. You know that sign that was recently stolen, at Auschwitz? Do you know what it said? "Work will set you free." It was a labor camp, not a death camp. How could you get anything done if you killed six million of your workforce?