AS President Tiffany Inabu looks to the year ahead

The continued service of Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus system, a culture garden, more student involvement, and a new Associated Students website top the list of priorities for newly incumbent AS President, Tiffany Inabu.


Currently, Santa Monica College students with an SMC ID and current AS sticker can ride the Big Blue Bus for free through the "Any Line Any Time" program. However, with a looming fee increase this semester, Inabu plans to work closely with the district and college to maintain the program she describes as beneficial.


"I really want to make sure that it continues, and I want to make sure we have a good hold on what needs to get done for that," said Inabu.


Last year's board also oversaw the establishment of a campus culture garden which will be located on the main campus near the Arts complex. The garden has been years in the making through past AS administrations. Inabu, who sat on the previous board as the Director of Budget Management, plans to see the garden come to a completion.


The garden also comes at a time of increased sustainability efforts on campus.


"We are one of the leaders in sustainability," said Inabu. "And we want to keep that integrity."


Inabu points out that SMC's efforts include investing in recycled paper, a "greening" of offices, and working closely with community programs such as Sustainable Works and the Center for Environmental and Urban studies.


Plans for more club events and closer collaboration between departments and student clubs were also emphasized. The AS plans to work with SMC's Alumni Association on a homecoming week to heighten school spirit on campus. Another goal for Inabu is to increase AS membership with membership drives and activities to bring awareness to the AS and potential benefits.


Much of the past criticism the AS has received surrounds the lack of student awareness concerning the board. Inabu pointed out how some students do not know that the AS helps sponsor the Big Blue Bus, and that students can even receive discounted movie tickets through the AS.


Despite having a currently vacant Director of Publicity chair, Inabu hopes that a new website will help make it easier for students to keep informed. "The website is definitely a high-high priority to get done," said Inabu. "Hopefully, before the end of the month."


Inabu further described how her administration wants to hear the concerns of the student body.


"We do hope that students will continue to support the Associated Students because we do have the students' special interests at heart."