SMC reaches out to the troops

While most of us at SMC are getting ready for the holidays by decking ourselves out in holiday scarves, braving the mall to find the perfect present, and attending countless holiday parties, the troops currently deployed in Afghanistan are missing out on these simple activities we tend to take for granted. And the Student Veterans Association (SVA) has decided to do something about it by sending care packages with a little taste of home to the men and women overseas. According to SVA President Alfredo De Teresa, the goal is to have 500 packages sent by the end of January, all containing items that have been recommended by the clubs' veterans who have previously been deployed to Afghanistan.

"It will take a lot of help from our students, faculty, staff and community members to accomplish this task. We've had fantastic support on campus and are off to a good start, but we need a great deal more to reach our goal," says De Teresa. The organization's efforts are already paying off as they have already received numerous donations.

The idea to send the care packages to troops was developed by the SVA with help from their advisor Linda Sinclair.

"We decided to take on a project that would really raise veteran awareness on campus, and thank our troops deployed overseas," says De Teresa. "We've all served our country and know what it is like to be away from home and our families. Care packages are a great way to raise morale for our military."

De Teresa hopes that with the posters recently added around school and the community, people will continue to donate packages with abundance.

"You truly do not appreciate baby wipes until you've gone without a shower for three or four days. Hopefully these items will bring our troops a little relief and comfort, even if it is for a short period of time."