Free Law advice available to students

When the expenses for students are increasing, any additional costs to students can be very hard on the wallet, as well as any other unexpected expenses such as medical bills, transportation costs or a dreaded legal problem. Luckily for students who do not have access to an attorney, there is now a website that helps them find an answer to their legal disputes free of cost should such a problem arise.

Created on July of last year, is already drawing a clientele. According to Content Manager Ryan Heavican, has already helped about 8,500 people with more than 20,000 answers by attorneys from around the United States."

Heavican says, "Attorneys who sign up to the website gain web visibility and can buy banner space" as well being part of a "network of microsites across the country." This also explains the level of detail that some attorneys give to answers, as they are using the website to show their legal expertise and knowledge on the subject, as they become part of their permanent webpage profile.

The easy-to-use interface consists of a simple "Ask a Local Attorney" tab, no registration necessary, and then choose what state the question is being asked for as laws differ from state to state. In case you do not want to leave your email address, one of the only requirements to get your question answered, you can also browse their "Recently Asked Questions" or "Popular Questions" sections. All answers are displayed for everyone to see and are answered by different attorneys, so there can be many ways to approach the situation but also conflicting answers, which can be confusing at times but it also depends on how much information is provided.          

"We have many students visit the website asking about alcohol, housing and employment." Heavican said. Immigration, bankruptcy and taxes related questions were the top asked, and there are about "1,000 active profiles of attorneys signed up and growing. We plan on expanding our service to facebook and twitter, so the answers can be displayed as status updates, very very soon" said Heavican. can be a useful tool to make a decision on a legal problem anyone may have, regarding whether you have to get legal representation or how deep in trouble you are from getting caught drunk driving that second time.