New Emeritus College scholarship awarded

The transition from high school to college can be a momentous time for young people. Matriculation can lead to boundless opportunities for their futures. However, it is a special instance when an older generation who has already gone through college can pass along encouragement to a younger generation moving forward. The Emeritus College, a program offered through Santa Monica College, focuses on the education of training of older adults. With the help of an anonymous donor, a $500 scholarship was created this year, titled the Bridges to the Future Scholarship.

Bridging the gap between two distant generations, the scholarship was to be received by a high school student who had involved themselves with the Emeritus College.

Haley Hill, the Bridges to the Future Scholarship Award recipient, has been active in both her high school band and the Emeritus College band, playing the saxophone.

Hill is a student at Santa Monica High School, and one of the only youth members of the Emeritus College Concert band, which performs at The Broad Stage and numerous other venues throughout the school year.

In addition, Hill participates in the Santa Monica High School Wind Ensemble, Marching Band and Jazz Band.

Hill plans to allocate her newly awarded scholarship money towards her tuition costs at Washington University in St. Louis, where she will begin in the fall semester.

The Emeritus College was founded in 1975 to promote the education of older adults. This gave opportunities to the elderly to learn in a friendly school environment without the stress of homework or tests.

In a press release by the Emeritus College, Hill was quoted saying that playing in the Emeritus College band has been "a great experience and privilege" for her.

An award given to an upcoming college student from a college that supports the learning of older adult students is significant.