Santa Monica College's very own international celebrity, Ace Evace

Adam Evans, a first year student at Santa Monica College, is on the verge of reaching fame. Coming from a family with an American father and a Korean mother, Evans or Ace Evace (his performing name) was born in Nurnberg, Germany, but grew up in neighboring Luxembourg, a microscopic nation in central Europe. Luxembourg is not exactly the ideal place for jump-starting a career, but Evans successfully did so. He became the first major artist in the nation with his electro-hip-hop style of music.

Though Evans was discovered in Luxembourg, he decided to come to Southern California, a prominent place where many have successfully pursued their careers. Evans came to SMC for a chance to study abroad, and to broaden his opportunities in music.

Evans' first goal in life was to excel in basketball, which he did in both middle school and high school. He was also part of the national team in Luxembourg, an astounding feat for the then 16 year-old Evans. Despite being only 5´10, he was a fierce point guard. He led his high school team, the ISL Eagles, to a fifth consecutive basketball title. Though he was heavily involved with basketball, Evans loved music and dancing.

After completing high school and having his previous basketball dreams literally shattered (his ankle was broken during a tournament his senior year), Evans pursued a career in music. While he loved music very much, watching the novices in the music game provided a spur of inspiration for Evans, and made him want to start his own journey of music.

"Kid Cudi and Asher Roth are the first artists I've seen perform live, and they have inspired me to do music,"said Evans

What started out as a mere joke, "Are you Ready," his first EP, was such a success that it turned heads around the music industry in Europe. The songs are catchy and possess a beat that will make people dance all night long. By joining forces with French producer, Laurent Pepper, "Are you Ready" climbed the charts in France and Europe.

Their work was quickly recognized, and in mid last year, Evans signed his first single on Universal France. At the end of the year, he worked on a few more songs, and is now waiting on word from the label.

For Evans, music is a passionate hobby, "I just want to make people happy, and if money comes in then that's fine," said Evans. "It's a plus, but it's not all about the money and riches." While hoping to have an impact on young people with his music, Evans hopes to be influential in helping people pursue their dreams.

Evans said he won't let the fame or glam life get into his head if that turns out to be the case in the future, "My father once told me that you must always keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground. I always keep that quote in the back of my mind whenever I need it."

There aren't many famous mainstream Korean artists out there, but Ace Evace is hoping to be one of the first in the electro/hip-hop scene.