Urban Forest Comes To Santa Monica

The Urban Forest Project will be partnering with the U.S. Forest Service to plant one thousand Native trees throughout the eco-friendly city of Santa Monica. This project will measure the growth of the trees, which will reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the air. During the process Urban Forest will be reporting the progression of the trees to the U.S Forest Service.

The Urban Forest Project, according to UPF-global.com, is a series of unprecedented outdoor exhibitions taking root in cities around the world. Their mission is to employ artists, designers and students who will encourage people to practice sustainability and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle through education as well as in the working world.

During the process of planting the trees in Santa Monica, Urban Forest will be reporting the progression of the trees to the U.S. Forest Service.

Santa Monica Community Forester Walt Warrinder said they anticipate starting to plant the trees in the fall of 2011 indicating that it would be funded by the Air Quality management district (AQMD). The grant requires them to plant only native trees. The tree planting process will be done through the city's contract services. Local students will be hired through Urban Forest to work on the project.

"Trees provide a multitude of benefits: shade, clean air, and reduction of crime,"Warrinder said.

A few of the native trees that will be planted include California Sycamore, Incense Cedar, Monterey Pine and Catalina Ironwood.

According to the Santamonicatrees.com website, criminals tend to stray away from neighborhoods that have numerous amounts of trees because they assume that the residents care more about their community and make use of neighborhood watch programs.

Warrinder explains how trees contribute to cleaning the air by consuming the particular matter from the air. Additionally, trees absorb Co2 and release oxygen back into the air.

This project is not only beneficial to the environment but it will also provide jobs for students. Students will be given the opportunity to complete philanthropic hours and gain work experience on their resume.

Warrinder does not mention how many students they plan on hiring to work for the summer.

Residents who will be expecting to get a tree in their neighborhood can help by making sure the trees receive proper tending and care.