Peeping Tom caught

Santa Monica Police officers responded to the Santa Monica College Library on Sept. 1 at 11:30 a.m., regarding a report of a man using a mirror to look underneath bathroom stalls in the women’s restroom. The initial report from the library staff said that there were two victims who made the complaint. The suspect was identified as Joshua Flores, 28, of South Gate, and was arrested for allegedly loitering in the women’s bathroom and obstructing officers.

Flores, who initially refused to give officers the correct information, is neither a student of SMC nor an area resident.

“No matter where this happens, it’s absolutely unacceptable, especially in the bathroom. It’s a place of what should be personal privacy,” said Sgt. Bottenfield of Santa Monica Police. ”There are sexual deviants everywhere in society, and unfortunately wherever you are, you can never let your guard down completely.

Just be aware of your surroundings and try not to be too caught up in the moment, because that’s when they strike”.

The alleged ‘peeping tom’ has been jailed, with bail set at $10,000. His court appearance is pending.