Club Row prepares for Halloween contests and festivities

When Halloween themed canopies and tables line the quad area and campus walkway, we know it’s time for Club Row at Santa Monica College. This year’s festive club event, taking place Oct.27 at 11:15 a.m., will host fundraising contests, music, and opportunities to learn about campus life.

Luis Gomez, vice chair of the Inter-Club Council, explained at a recent I.C.C. meeting that there will be three fundraising contests with cash prizes.

“There will be a canopy-decoration contest in which the first place club will win $150," said Gomez. "There will be a table-decorating contest in which the winner will win $150 as well. Third, there will be a club dance-off contest."

Though contestants should note, this dance-off will adhere to the protocol.

“There are strict rules which each club must abide to: the dance must be no longer than one minute and 30 seconds,” said Gomez. “Participating students and faculty in the dance-off must be either club members, advisors, or co-advisors for the clubs they are representing. In this sense, one club may not have the advantage of gathering the entire Santa Monica dance team to represent them.”

In addition, the song chosen by the club must be submitted to I.C.C.’s vice chair for approval. The winning club of this event will receive $200.

“We are going to be holding a special finance meeting purely for Club Row applications and related proposals on the 14th," said Gomez. "So if you intend to get I.C.C. allotment money or any A.S. funding, then you want to get it turned in by the 12th, so you can come the finance meeting on the 14th."

On Oct. 6, there was a special I.C.C. meeting where “any new changes, highlights within a club, and updates are discussed,” as Psychology Club representative Vanessa Aguliar pointed out.

The Psychology Club recently had a guest speaker talk about hangovers, and the processes that take place in one’s brain during a hangover.

“The Psychology Club gets together every Tuesday during Activity Hour,” Aguliar said. “At our meetings we bring a greater knowledge of psychology to the student body.”

This club is not just for psychology majors, “We want other majors to join our club to see what psychologists are all about,” stressed Augliar.

New clubs that we may see at Club Row include Publicity for Associated Students, Club Cavante, the Dentistry Club, and the Musicians’ Society.

D.J. Davis, A.S. director of publicity said, “We have three to four more spots open to people interested in writing newsletters, utilizing showcases in showrooms, and promoting clubs around campus.”

The Publicity for Associated Students club serves to advertise through SMC’s showcases and social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Club Cavante is a new club that promotes Italian culture and invites Italian speakers.

The Dentistry Club invites dental students from USC and UCLA to speak of their experiences and detail their preparation for the state dentistry exam.

Members of the newly formed Musicians’ Society are thrilled to participate in Club Row. As a club, they want to match musicians with band-mates, and help them discover new music.

“We are a group open to everything,” proclaimed the Society’s secretary, Marwa Omari. “We accept all different musicians from classical, indie, rap, to rock style.”

Tifanie Mayberry, one of the club’s presidents wants to hear "live music on our campus quad and to help musicians start a band.”

Mayberry told attendees that she wants to bring music back into students’ lives, as she feels it has been lost.

“People only have their tiny boom-boxes plugged in,” Mayberry said. “I want to hear music in the air wherever I walk [through] the college.”