Occupy LA protesters confronted by LAPD, arrests made

Helicopters buzzed in the air and a march through downtown Los Angeles, led by Occupy L.A. protesters, soon transformed into a strange dystopic scene filled with a rich cacophony that enmeshed sirens and helicopters with the banging of bongos, the blowing of horns, and shouting between protesters and police. Arrests were made in the street.

The march was in celebration of the second month anniversary commencement of the Occupy Wall Street protests taking place in New York.

Around a thousand people showed up for the Occupy L.A. protest and in coordination with a large number of people from local labor unions, walked to the downtown Los Angeles shopping district from the protesters' tent city located around City Hall.

Protesters followed each other on the sidewalks in a highly coordinated event with crossing guards directing the crowd where to go. Traffic had to be stopped as protesters crossed the streets.

Meanwhile police helicopters monitored the scene from the skies above and around 1:30 p.m., protesters, who were just passing a McDonalds between 3rd and 4th street on Broadway, were stopped by LAPD who prevented the protesters from heading further south on Broadway.

After half an hour, the crowd moved north towards the financial district and Bank of America where more arrests took place.