Former SMC student remembered by friends and faculty

Many Santa Monica College students and faculty members are mourning the loss of beloved former student Sharmi Doshi, after an accident lead to her untimely death on November 7th in Mumbai, India. According to India Times, the 23-year-old law student was reportedly talking on her cellphone early in the morning when she lost her balance and fell to her death from the balcony of her 11th floor apartment. S.W. Diwadkar of Gamdevi police told India Times that the balcony had no safety rails and she could have easily lost her balance while talking on the phone.

Nate Brown, a communications professor at SMC and her former debate coach, described Doshi to be a remarkable student. “She made a long-lasting impact on campus and will be greatly remembered,” Brown said.

In 2007, as captain of the speech and debate team, Doshi helped her team thrive by winning countless awards and recruiting others to join. In the spring of 2008, she brought back gold for SMC in the category of impromptu speaking at the Spring Championships.

During her time at SMC, Doshi won many awards and generously donated them to the team as a way of showing others what can be accomplished.

“Sharmi was very dedicated,” said Professor Brown. “Even after transferring to Berkeley, she would call to talk about how things were going and to offer her help with fundraising or coaching.”

Sean Anderson, friend and former debate teammate of Doshi, had nothing but fond memories and kind words to share about his friend. “Sharmi Doshi was the kind of person you just don’t meet very often. You immediately recognize that here was someone different, someone special,” he said. “She would have conquered the world.”

Doshi, who was studying law in India, had earned her bachelor’s degree in political science at Berkeley and, according to her friends, had a successful future awaiting her.

Hilary Porter, Doshi’s friend had known her since 2007, when they were both on the debate team at SMC. They even transferred to UC Berkeley together in 2008.

“Sharmi had a way of lighting a fire under people,” said Porter. “She was the friend who was there to hug you until you’d cried yourself out, but then she would sit you down, jab a finger in your face and make you figure out what you were going to do next, because sitting around feeling sorry for yourself wasn’t an option.”

Doshi made a lasting impression on everyone who knew her and will continue to be remembered by faculty, staff, and former classmates. “She was the whole package. Brilliant, beautiful, poised, charming, determined, formidable and talented,” said Anderson. “I will miss my friend immensely.”

Close friends and family of the deceased gathered at Areal restaurant Sunday evening in Santa Monica to remember and celebrate the life of Sharmi Doshi. “I’m hoping that Sunday’s event will give everyone a sense of closure,” said Anderson, who believes she will live on in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to cross her path.

“Whatever Sharmi was going to do with her life, everyone always knew it was going to be huge,” said Porter. “I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone else who was so capable of getting things done and was so driven to do them. She was just unstoppable.”

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