Students in the streets, marching towards president's office

Two days after student protesters at Santa Monica College were pepper-sprayed by police, students continue to protest contested tuition policy. Today, they take to the streets, marching up Pico Blvd to the office of President Chui L. Tsang, chanting "These are our streets!" The office is located at the SMC administration building near Pico and 28th, a few blocks from the main Santa Monica College campus.

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Live updates (closed Apr 5, 2012 1:30p.m.):

1:13 Students beginning to disperse. Still no response from the administration.

12:45 Crowd still waiting for response from administration, but there is none as of yet. When asked what protesters would do if asked to disperse, Michael Pronilover of the Student Organizing Committee said, "Why would they ask us to disperse?"

12:33 Lieutenant Doug Theus, who's overseeing the police presence says, "We just want to make sure everything stays safe and the students have a chance to voice their opinion." If the students are asked to disperse and they don't, Theus says, "We'll cross that hurdle when we get there."

12:32 Michael Pronilover from the Student Organizing Committee on the megaphone: "We want one main thing, an end to the two-tier pricing system!"

12:15 Students congregated in front of the President's office are demanding an apology for the pepper-spraying incident on April 3 and that the officers involved be fired. They also want a referendum on the summer tuition policy and an investigation into the incident.

12:12 More than 200 students out on Pico Blvd.

12:01 Students and press arriving at  Tsang's office. The crowd is demanding a representative to confront them.

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