Parker Jean elected AS President in Paradigm sweep, Olivarez new Student Trustee

Parker Jean of the Paradigm Shift slate has been elected president of the Associated Students at Santa Monica College. Jean lead the Paradigm ticket which swept the this year's election, taking 11 of the 13 seats. All but one member-Parker's brother Grant, who ran for Student Trustee-from the slate was not elected.

Members of Paradigm Shift were endorsed by outgoing president Harrison Wills, who is Jean's roommate. Jean, who appeared with Wills at demonstrations protesting the controversial Contract Ed program last week, has said he will continue many of the current administration's methods of leading, namely student activism.

Jean achieved victory with 49.3 percent of the vote, besting second place finisher Ernie Sevilla with 32.1 percent and third place Marjohnny Torres-Nativi with 18.6 percent.

Sevilla, who ran at the top of the "The "Hope, Experience & Change" ticket, spoke to The Corsair after the results were released. "I challenge them to do the will of the students who voted," he said. "Focus should be tuition fees and classes. They should keep their personal agendas to themselves."

Student Trustee elect Michelle Olivarez was the only member of the "Hope, Experience & Change" slate to win a seat. "It's really exciting," she said. "It's just all about perseverance and never giving up."

According to the official election tally, 1765 students voted.

Election results had been delayed following complaints that were reviewed by the AS Election Committee at a meeting Monday afternoon. No decisions were made by the committee that affected the outcome of last week's election.

Torres-Nativi and Jean were not immediately available for comment.

Full results:  (* denotes winner)

President: *Parker Jean Earnest Sevilla Marjohnny-Tores Nativi

Student Trustee: *Michelle Olivarez Grant Jean

Vice-President: *Jesus Vasquez Sandy Wormald Felipe Hernandez

Secretary: *Van Tran

Dir. of Budget Management: *Cecile Parcelier Spincer Versele Nhung Vo

Dir. of Student Services: *Emmitt Rivers

Dir. of Activities: *Kevin Shaw Felicia Harder Ruben Martinez

Dir. of Publicity: *Jesse Ramirez Ty moura

Dir. of Student Outreach: *Mohammad Rahman

Dir. of Financial Support: *Yacob Zuriaw Kasim Hussain

Dir. of Instructional Support: *Faheem Ali Jlio Santizo

Dir. of Academic Support: *Jondon Tran Seyf Nasr

Dir. of Sustainability: *Freddy Paul Reyes Jeanie Amezuca