First incident of semester to end at Santa Monica city jail

Last Wednesday morning, a male student was arrested and booked at the Santa Monica city jail after a female Santa Monica College student was being bullied by a group of female students in the cafeteria.

An SMC male student defended the female victim by approaching the badgering bunch of girls and explaining the ramifications of bullying. This exchange caught the attention of another male student sitting with the group of suspected female bullies. The second male began to challenge and threaten the defending male.

The second male was shortly arrested and booked at the Santa Monica city jail for failing to follow directions from an officer. Further details could not be released pending review for prosecution by the city attorney's office.

According to Sgt. Jere Romano, this arrest is the first on record that involved being transported and booked at the city jail. Although this case in particular required jail time, arrests by citation in lieu of going to jail have previously occurred this semester.

In other news, a stolen vehicle belonging to an SMC student was recovered Friday along with a missing main campus parking permit.

Last Wednesday just before 1 p.m., a hit-and-run occurred at Parking Structure Three nearest to Corsair Field. The driver's side rear panel was struck and received minor damages.