Students talk Bundy bungalows

Spring break is over, and class transitions from Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment and Technology campus has begun.

New bungalows have been placed at the Bundy and Airport campuses to support the relocation of classes from the AET campus during its construction.

Boards placed around the Bundy campus show where each class is located by the previous AET classroom number. The boards show that 14 new classes have been opened at both campuses.

For SMC student Aliya Lahijani, 19, finding her class at Bundy was not an easy task. Even though her English literature professor made note of the transition at the start of the semester and before spring break, a staff member ended up directing Lahijani to her new classroom.

Hugh Bonar, an associate faculty professor since 2007, was one of the professors affected by the change.

Bonar said he told his English literature students since the beginning of the semester about the change that would take place halfway through the term.

"It wasn't a surprise," Bonar said. "We were reminded constantly so it was beaten into our skulls."

Bonar also said that he was glad to see that all of the equipment he used at the AET campus was in his new classroom as well.

He mentioned that his students did not seem to have a hard time finding their new class, since they arrived pretty quickly on the first day.

Inbar Katz, 17, a second-year SMC student, had her English class relocated to the Bundy campus.

Katz said that the equipment in the classroom had stickers that indicated where it needed to go, making the transition easier.

"In all of our classes there were stickers that said, 'for Bundy,'" Katz said.

Leslie Torres, who has been taking classes at Bundy this semester, noticed the decrease in parking spots as of Monday morning.

"I usually get to the Bundy campus at 8 a.m. and there is parking," Torres said. "Now with classes being moved here, I still managed to get a parking spot, but all the way at the back, and it was barely 8 a.m."

Torres also mentioned that the relocation of classes brought frustrations over traffic and parking.

Torres thought that the bus stops and the inside of the buses seemed to be a lot more crowded than usual.

"I think the buses should run more often, but that's not SMC's fault," Torres said.

For the students that are making the changes from the AET campus to either the Bundy or Airport campuses, staff members are provided with a list of class locations, and they are willing to guide any lost students.