Bomb threat recap, hit-and-runs

Last Tuesday’s false bomb threat at Santa Monica College proved to be a whirlwind of confusion for many students as it unfolded with partially correct misinformation between students, faculty and police.

A note was found by two female students last Tuesday at noon in the library’s lower level women’s restroom, which stated that there was a bomb in the quad that was set to go off in one hour, Santa Monica College Police Department Sgt. Jere Romano said.

“There is no entirely specific bomb threat response,” Romano said of the evacuation. “It is a very fluid situation based on the known information and a number of different variables. Police and Fire have to respond appropriately to the circumstances at hand.”

Earlier that morning, at 9:20 a.m., an intoxicated male transient was arrested and booked at Santa Monica City Jail for disorderly conduct at the southwest corner of Pico Boulevard and 17th Street after disturbing the peace by trying to challenge a non-student male walking home.

A backpack was reported stolen by a male student Thursday at 2 p.m. He left it unattended inside the classroom during a period of dance instruction. The suspect seen taking the backpack was the victim’s ex-girlfriend. The victim is not pressing charges.

A hit-and-run occurred at the Bundy Campus when the driver of another vehicle damaged a parked car with scratches measuring a foot in length. The victim discovered the damage when she returned to her car after class. There were no witnesses, and no one was hurt.

A second hit-and-run occurred Thursday in Parking Structure Three of the main campus at 10:38 p.m. The victim saw moderate damage to his rear bumper upon returning to his vehicle. A witness saw the incident and was able to report it. The witness did not have a description of the driver or the vehicle’s license plate number. There were no injuries.