Stolen phone, bike and quarters

On Tuesday, April 30, a female student’s cellphone was stolen from the women’s locker room after the female left it outside of her locker and returned to find it missing after class. No witnesses came forward, and there is not enough evidence to find the suspect who stole the phone.

Also that afternoon, two male individuals were cited for possession of marijuana in the 20th Street alley east of the Santa Monica College campus. A police officer on motorcycle patrol saw the two individuals, one of whom had a glass pipe in his hand ready for use.

On Thursday, May 2, a female student secured her bicycle to a bicycle rack by the Humanities and Social Science Building south of Drescher Hall. She reported it stolen after returning on Sunday only to find the bicycle and the lock missing. The victim did not know the brand, model or serial number of the bicycle, and no witnesses have come forward.

Last Friday evening, a burglary occurred in the staff parking lot. There were no signs of forced entry, although the victim, an SMC faculty member, was adamant that her doors were locked. Fifteen dollars worth of quarters were stolen from the car’s ashtray. The victim’s gas tank lid was ajar, and so was the driver’s door. There were no witnesses.

A hit-and-run occurred in Parking Structure 3 on Monday. A car had damage to the rear bumper. After investigating, evidence showed that the driver might have backed into a concrete object, although the driver denied it.

Another hit-and-run occurred on the same day at the SMC Performing Arts Center. Damage to the car was on the front bumper and headlight. It was unknown if the damage was caused by a passing vehicle. There was available surveillance footage, but the accident occurred outside the field of view, said Sgt. Jere Romano of the Santa Monica College Police Department.