Suspect selfies, stolen Samsungs

A case of petty theft occurred on May 1 when an estimated $500 Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone was stolen after a student left it charging while he was studying. After falling asleep, he realized his cell phone was missing. The theft went unreported for six days until the student found the alleged suspect had snapped a photo of himself after seeing it on the cell phone's virtual storage space online. He then notified campus police who created a crime bulletin with his picture. As of now, the suspect in question is not known to be a student.

Last Monday, a Samsung cell phone was stolen while a student was in front of the library, with his backpack resting on the benches. The victim claims to have had his cell phone inside his backpack. There were no witnesses and the victim does not know how the suspect managed to steal the cell phone. Security cameras were unable to record any suspicious activity since the incident occurred outside of the library.

There was a six-day delay in the reporting of a stolen text book, which went missing on Friday, May 3 in Drescher Hall. The book is described as an introductory Italian language paperback textbook. The female student forgot the book in her class and did not realize it was missing until the following day. No witnesses have come forward and A&R; Textbooks, the bookstore across the street from the main campus on Pico, has been notified to look for it just in case someone attempts to sell it.