Suspect selfie search, intoxication citations

In the efforts of encouraging a witness to come forward, Santa Monica College police are preparing to post an image in the library of the confident suspect who snapped a “selfie” on a stolen Samsung Galaxy S3. The cell phone’s owner found the image on the phone’s online virtual storage space. Once found, the alleged suspect may snap out of his careless behavior as a result of the investigation.

On May 13, one individual who took Monday night happy hour a little overboard was found lying in the street at 11:20 John Adams Middle School across from the college’s main campus. Officers, called by student witnesses, cited the individual with a misdemeanor for public intoxication.

Also on May 13, an Apple iPad was stolen in the library just before 1 p.m. after the owner left the tablet unattended. A witness saw the suspect, who was mistaken for the owner of the item. Both the victim and the witness went to police to report the crime. The suspect is thought to be a student.

At 11:35 p.m. on May 15, an officer saw two individuals actively smoking marijuana in the 20th Street alley. Both were students who were then cited for possession of marijuana.

On May 6, a student’s left rear tail light and bumper were damaged at 7 a.m. by another student driver in the eastern portion of Parking Structure 3. A good samaritan witness, who wished to remain an anonymous, left a note on the victim’s car with the suspect’s information. The case is still under investigation.

Also in the Structure 3 Annex, another student’s left rear quarter panel was damaged by a hit-and-run individual around 7:10 p.m. on May 15. However, without any witnesses, there is no further information for follow up.