iPhone 5 users, carry on

Thieves at Santa Monica College have somehow managed to avoid the hype of the new Apple iPhone, since they are only stealing the older model.

Last Monday, an iPhone 4S was reported stolen from the Humanities and Social Sciences Building on the main campus. According to the report, the cell phone was left unattended after the female student set it down on the shelf before washing her hands in the restroom. Upon returning to pick it up, it was gone and she was unable to see who took it since the restroom was crowded. No witnesses have come forward regarding the cell phone.

Last Wednesday afternoon, another iPhone 4 was stolen after being left unattended along with other belongings on the side of the track. The female student went for a run, and upon returning one hour and 40 minutes later, she realized it was missing. According to the report, an unknown individual may have been seen standing near the victim's belongings by a possible witness. However, more information cannot be disclosed as the case is still under investigation.

On Friday morning in the library, an iPhone 4S was stolen after being left unattended by its owner for a reported 30 minutes when the student fell asleep on his desk. There were no identified witnesses and no new leads regarding the stolen phone.

Scheming potential thieves may do well to know that citations for petty theft remain on his or her record forever, as there is no way to clear them.

"It will remain part of their criminal history, and available to anyone who performs background check investigations, particularly for employment," says Santa Monica College Police Department Sgt. Jere Romano.