Updated: LAX dry ice bomb suspect attended SMC

The suspect who allegedly set off a dry ice bomb at Los Angeles International Airport has been identified as DiCarlo Bennett, 28, who at one point was enrolled at Santa Monica College. The dry ice bomb was found in a men's employee bathroom in a section of LAX that was accessible to employees only, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bennett's Facebook profile indicates that he attended SMC after graduating from Alexander Hamilton High School in 2002.

Bennett was a Ramp Supervisor at LAX Airport for Servisair, also according to his online profile. Servisair is an aircraft ground handling company that handles aircraft movements, states the company's profile.

An investigation went underway leading to the Oct. 15 arrest of Bennett in the city of Paramount, according to the LAPD.

At approximately 6:40 p.m. Sunday evening, the alleged suspect placed a dry ice device that exploded inside the employees men's restroom at LAX Airport in terminal two.


On Wednesday afternoon, LAPD announced Bennett is being charged with 2 felony counts and currently held on $1 million bail.

At a news conference, held in downtown at LAPD headquarters, Lt. John Karle stated that the incident stemmed from curiosity.

"A person familiar with the device wanted to experience constructing and detonating it," Karle stated.

Karle added that witnesses who were interviewed were able to tell officials where the events involving each dry ice explosive occurred.

"He was very cooperative and he obviously knew the wrongfulness of his actions," said Karle of Bennett's arrest on Oct. 15 at Bennett's Paramount apartment.

Unable to disclose the exact details of why the dry ice explosives were placed at the second location, Karle stated that the didn't want to compromise the current stage of the investigation.

The LAPD has currently determined the event was "perpetrated out of a desire to construct and experience a device exploding," according to Karle.