Intruder sighted in Airport Campus bathroom

Looking in on and average Santa Monica College woman’s bathroom, florescent lights highlight dirt on the walls and floor, toilette paper and seat covers are strewn on the ground, all of which are accompanied by enclosed spaces and small stalls. Women’s bathrooms on the SMC Airport satellite campus are no exception to these conditions. Recently, however, an unidentified peeping tom interrupted the quiet of these stalls. The Santa Monica College community may have what appears to be a bathroom intruder at large. On October 3, around 10:30 P.M., SMC Police responded to a call from the Santa Monica College Airport campus about an intruder in the building’s bathroom.

According to SMC Police Sergeant Jere Romano, a female student was using the handicapped stall in the building bathroom, when she saw a pair of burgundy “Vans” shoes enter the stall next to hers. She recalls the shoes in the stall facing an odd direction, with one shoe possibly on the bathroom seat.

Then, the female student told police she saw a head begin to peek at her from under the bathroom stall wall. She immediately called out, “Can I help you?!”

Startled, the individual began to flee the bathroom, but not before the student could get a glimpse at the intruder. She described the person as a thin, African American male in his 20’s with “afro-style” hair with gel in it.

Santa Monica College, as well as the city police, arrived on the scene and searched for the suspect described, but were unable to find him.

Leads on the identity of the suspect or news of further bathroom intrusions are currently unknown.