Last week, this morning

In case these passed you by, here is a recap of recent events on campus over the last week. Monday October 20

The weekly Associated Students board meeting proved eventful wherein the school's counsel Bob Meyers addressed the public on the legal basis of former AS activities director Matthew Nicholson, stating he was not properly impeached and advising the AS board to take necessary steps to ensure all procedures are legally sound.

Also in the AS meeting, current sustainability director Andrea Gonzales stated in her director report near the end of the meeting that she had heard of many students not trusting the AS and not feeling connected to them. Soon after, the Cross Country Club was amended into the agenda after their paper work was lost and they were not included in the agenda as all other clubs with financial requests were earlier in the meeting. The club officers took their newly allotted time to state being talked down to by rude office workers and their current situation, which they waited through three hours of meeting time to fix, as reasons students do not like AS.

Wednesday October 21

A large phallic inflatable sculpture implored everyone "Don't be a .." on the quad lawn. Emily Silver's 3D Design class returned after a supposed end last semester as Silver had left for a full-time position elsewhere. The reaction to her class's sculptures have drawn her back for a one class per week run.

Thursday October 22

Tree Man visited the campus and stalked around all morning until a proper showing of a documentary on him later in the Cayton Center.

During the bi-weekly Inter-Club Council meeting, AS Vice President Caitlin Corker and Associate Dean of Student Life Sonali Bridges implored club delegates to join the judicial board and joint council in order to prevent any issues from not being dealt with in the future as had been done with Matthew Nicholson's botched impeachment the semester prior.

The Cayton Center remained busy housing the first AS Movie Night of the semester. Through a popular vote, "The Shining" was screened and vegan pizza was served to guests. The vegan sausage option ran out quickly.