Riders in the storm: record rainfall hits Santa Monica

After months of heavy drought, this weekend brought rain to California. All over metropolitan Los Angeles and the surrounding counties, the rain and strong winds continued from 8 a.m. until late in the evening. Flash flood and mudslide warnings were issued throughout the hillside cities, including the Hollywood Hills and the L.A. County Mountains.

Buildings and cars all over Santa Monica took a long-awaited showers, sidewalks became deep canals, and cars plowed through mini ponds. SMC students hurriedly moved from building to building in order to stay out of the rain and get to their next classes dry.

First-year student Steven Smith, considers the rain a nuisance in comparison to times when he played in the rain as a child. “I loved the rain, but now that I’m older and I drive, I kinda hate it,” he said. Though California doesn’t usually have a lot of annual rain, “when it does, it comes down hard,” said Smith.

There were, however also winter weather enthusiasts under the downpour. History student Kevin Arispe noted, “Yeah it’s great. The cold weather and the rain. An hour ago a car passed through a puddle and splashed water all over my friends.” In his opinion, one of the many benefits of the rain, aside from the much needed environmental relief, is its ability to make sports exponentially more enjoyable. “Soccer is one of the better sports to play in the rain,” said Arispe.

After many months, California got its rain in season record amounts. Students got to freak out about their hair, and run to dry places in order to save their unprotected phones and laptops. The minimal winter season in Southern California has certainly begun. Let the puddle splashing begin.