May Day: Workers of the world unite

Josefina Funes took to the streets of L.A. on Friday to make an appeal to President Obama.

Around the world May 1st is observed as a day of the workers as labor unions, populist organizations and rabble rousers take to the streets to protest everything from low wages to government policy. And while the streets of countries like Turkey and France saw clashes on the streets between militant labor groups and police, in Los Angeles May Day was a calmer but no less passionate affair.

Various activist groups took to the streets of downtown to make their voices heard. Among them was Funes, an immigrant rights activist who marched to support groups denouncing police brutality and to show her solidarity with the protesters in Baltimore.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but the President called people who were protesting 'deliquents,' well I would like to tell the president that I have never been arrested, I work taking care of disabled people. And those of us who protest for civil rights are not delinquents," said Funes.

"Police abuses are well-documented on video," she continued. "They attacked an unarmed person and the African Americans fought back. They kill unarmed people and so they are the ones who are delinquents."

Funes shared how she has carefully studied civil law and believes the police have been violating the law through their actions. Funes also called for greater rights for immigrant workers in the United States. "What we are asking is for immigrant relief for those who don't have documents. Thank god I have my documents and my children are American citizens. But I ask for them to fix the situation for those who don't have their papers."

To President Obama she issued the message "raise your head with honesty president Obama, because honest people are not afraid to show their face anywhere."