Pan African Student Union celebrates Pan African Day

The Santa Monica College Pan African Student Union held a drum circle underneath the Clock Tower to celebrate Pan African Day on Tuesday.


The event featured dancing, music and trivia and served as a recruiting event for PASU.


PASU, founded in 1990, allows for a forum about the issues in both Africa and the United States and is a networking and support organization with a focus on international students from Africa.


“There is a lot of discussion about what is going on over there [Africa] versus what’s going on over here,” PASU board member Sarita Barnes said.


The group also investigates the family history of its members. “We want to teach people about where they are from,” Barnes said.


Though the group focuses on international students, it welcomes people from all walks of life.


“We like to welcome in all people as long as they contribute to the conversation,” Barnes said.


PASU meets every Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. in the Letters and Sciences building room 119.