Board of Trustees bids farewell to President Tsang

Monday night’s Board of Trustees meeting marked a passing of the torch for two reasons. One was the presence of new Student Trustee Jonathan Eady, the other was that this was President and Superintendent Tsang’s final Board meeting after nine years here at Santa Monica College.

After announcing his retirement in January, Jeff Shimizu was chosen to serve as Interim President. With President Tsang’s term coming to a close this July, students' and administrators' displays of gratitude are to be expected, especially at this meeting.

The meeting began with awards for Student Photo Exhibit participants, who took a photo with President Tsang and other students and staff in attendance after receiving their awards and ended with Board members taking the time to thank President Tsang.

“It’s gonna be hard to see you go,” said Dr. Margaret Quinonez Perez. Board Chair Rob Rader referred to the future president as Tsang’s “successor” instead of a replacement. “No one will be able to replace you,” said Rader.