Monday Night Football: Spirit week kicked off with a bang

  On Monday, the Associated Students held a Monday Night Football watch party accompanied by a homecoming poster competition. The Santa Monica College cafeteria filled up with students seeking free pizza and salad offered with proof of AS sticker.

The coordinators of the event, AS Directors of Activities, Amber Winter and AS Director of Outreach, Alexandra Brechensbauer, gave an estimate that they served nearly 300 totals students and faculty.

Students came from sports teams or school clubs to compete in the poster competition for VIP tickets at the homecoming game, then came the football fans who wanted to simply watch the Monday Night Football matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens (the latter of the two teams has SMC alum Steve Smith Sr.).

"We thought this would be a great way to kickoff spirit week," said Alexandra Brechensbauer. "We've been planning homecoming since the second week of this semester."

At the end of the night, the SMC Unicef Club watched away with the top prize in the poster competition, winning the VIP tickets for the homecoming game on Saturday.

AS President, Jesse Randel is beyond ecstatic for the homecoming game. "Well, first of all and most important, the game is entirely free for everybody. So friends, family, local high school students who are interested in SMC, literally anybody who wants to come to the game, can come to the game completely free," said Randel. "It's going to be killer, it's really going to be great."

For the homecoming game, the undefeated SMC football team will face off against LA Southwest at 1 p.m.—the festivities, specifically the homecoming tailgating event will start at 10:30 a.m. in the SMC quad.