Bomb Scare at 4th and Colorado Metro Station

Photos by: Yulia Morris

 A  suspicious package was reported to police at the 4th Street Metro Station in Downtown Santa Monica on Tuesday. According to the Sheriff's Department, there was a bag left unattended with a remote control next to it. Due to concerns of a possible explosive, bomb sniffing dogs and the Arson Explosive Details, or bomb squad, were called to the scene.

“On the way it was situated we decided to do more active investigation on the item, and because you have a remote device, we wanna make sure that it is not connected to something, maybe some other explosive nearby that might be in close proximity to that device. We swept the area, checked it out, and didn’t find any explosive or anything connected to that,” said Lieutenant Leo R. Bauer of the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

Police are now investigating into who may have left this package behind and why. As of yet, it does not appear that this was an intentional threat or attack.

On September 28, another bomb scare took place at the Santa Monica Courthouse after a suspicious package was also reported causing officials to detonate it remotely.

The Expo Line has now reopened and resumed regular service.