3D movies far too one-dimensional

It appears that plastic surgery is no longer the hottest trend in Hollywood. Rather 3D movies are the latest craze sweeping the nation as filmmakers continue to ride the Avatar wave, investing millions into 3D films hoping to bolster lackluster box-office numbers. and Lindsey Lohan-esque drawing power.

Even though 3D movies are exhibiting Lindsey Lohan-esque drawing power, movie studios continue to release the pop-up pictures in droves. "It seems that in the half-year following the spectacular 3D performance of Avatar ($749 million, an estimated 80 percent of it in 3D), we, as an industry, have blown it," said Wall Street entertainment industry analyst Richard Greenfield in Box-Office Magazine. Greenfield isn't the only one who has noticed the declining quality of recent 3D releases. Every time I go to a movie I hear the people next to me complain about the surge of 3D movies, while reluctantly buying tickets to a 3D showing.

Film re-makes and sequels can prove to be especially frustrating. In an attempt to relive a childhood moment or indulge a guilty pleasure, with Shrek 15, I too find myself succumbing to the 3D draw. However after settling down with popcorn, drink and a seriously lightened wallet, I often leave the theater disappointed. Toy Story 3 is a movie that I have longed to see and when it finally came out the 3D offered no noticeable enhancement; I just had to pay five extra dollars to wear large annoying glasses.

Perhaps the problem is not the studios but the viewers themselves. This gear and gadget obsessed generation of ours is so entirely consumed by the latest tech-trends that little else seems to enliven them. This 3D movie boom is simply a misguided attempt by the film studios to appease the masses. Unfortunately it is all too often that this cutting edge technology only serves cuts the quality of films rather than enhance the experience.

Perhaps as movie viewers we need to stop expecting more from films and start expecting less. It is time that Hollywood starts putting more emphasis on the simple things, like a decent plotline and story instead of just bombarding us with sub-par films neatly wrapped in the latest CGI or 3D technology.