2 much txting

With the arrival of E-readers, the growing power of social networking media and the fact that texting has become the go-to method of communication within our society it's safe to ask at the end of the day: WTF?

It seems like slowly before our eyes the English language is deteriorating, but while things may seem bleak in the eyes of the haughty and pretentious world of literature why don't you take a moment to look at the facts and be your own judge before you LOL away this proposal.

Currently texting, emailing, and any sort of electronic communication is the primary context used amongst the working world, as well as the generation growing up within it.

As a result purists will argue that this bastardized style of language is hurting the language, while they become frustrated trying to figure out what each abbreviation means.

But while this crowd may feel like they're the last survivors of some forgotten era, they overlook the advantages that the age of information has provided our rapidly evolving world.

Any form of e-communication encourages two things: reading and writing, bottom line.

While it may not be the preferred method, consider this: compared to past generations where there used to be countless Americans who still didn't know how to read and write, today there is now a mainstream method to try and promote some kind of literacy within the country.

Even more shocking is when you consider the fact that 40 percent of our population is technically illiterate as stated by College Board. Forty percent, that's a pretty large number as is, but it becomes even more daunting once you consider the fact that there are over 300 million people living in our country.

While it may not be the ideal method you have to at least admit the fact that it puts people on the right path, and even though it may take away from the verbose beauty of the English language let's be honest when was the last time anyone has sat down and wrote a hand written letter?

Can anyone reading this article really say with a straight face that at no point in their life have they ever sent out an OMG or JK to a friend? Are you really telling me that you've never sent out a LOL or FTW to someone?

On top of all that who's really going to write out "Laughed Out Loud"? Or what can really be the substitute for that HAHAHAHA? Yeah, you do that - pretentious survivor from the yester era.

If you don't agree with me take it from Chuck Palahniuk, the author of the book "Fight Club," who was asked about this very topic when interviewed to promote his newest book "Tell All." "Take into account the fact that people are doing all this discussing by keyboard, people are actually writing," he said. "And so they're reading and writing at a greater speed and rate than ever before."

It may not be the preferred method, and Palahniuk even agrees that books are still the answer, but it's hard to say that the age of information has been completely detrimental to the cause of literacy. In fact, if anything, it has only provided more opportunity.

The writing industry is incredibly hard to break into, and with the arrival of the internet another forum for these artists work to be presented has been created. Blogs, websites and even your buddy's Facebook he makes you check to get your opinion; all fit into this category of new mediums that provide opportunity to those who may not have the resources to pursue their passion otherwise.

Websites have created countless jobs in a failing economy and as more people turn to the Internet to get their information, it's a market that's only going to get bigger. Written media may be fading; however it really isn't such a bad thing to adapt to.

With the internet media can expand to a wider audience and as more people log on to keep up with their favorite writers and newsletter, more people are able to chase their dreams and climb the ladder higher towards bigger and better things.

In the end it's like Palahniuk says: "Those people who are twittering today are going to be wanting to read and write books tomorrow, so I think it's just a natural progression."

Survival of the fittest, in this case it just happened to be Ye Olde English losing out to a wave of acronyms, ROFL.