Frugal Fashionista: Hollywood tape necessity


There is something brilliant about being prepared when tragedy strikes. Just a quick reaction and out comes the right solution. Unfortunately I wasn't as prepared as I should have been a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure which was more embarrassing: the fact that I lost my sexy black top while finagling through a crowded room, or the fact that I had to visit an adult store to find pasties to be more prepared in case of another emergency. It must have made quite an impression on my date.

There are a few things a girl shouldn't leave home without. One of those things is double stick tape, or "fashion tape." I learned about it the hard way.

It is one of the most incredible inventions to be born out of necessity in the fashion world, and one of women's best-kept secrets.

Diana Brito, owner of Starfish Boutique, says "I wouldn't be able to wear this top if it wasn't for Hollywood Tap," as she stood there in a lightly colored Free People tank. 

She has cleverly supplied her clothing store with not only cute, inexpensive women's clothes, but she also keeps close-at-hand the necessities that make it possible to wear the more slinky items.

There are so many ways to hem all of the fashion-don'ts in the fashion world. Cracks hanging out of jeans or deodorant stains left on T-shirts are a thing of the past.

Starfish carries the items that can remedy these issues, and most happen to fit in a purse or backpack allowing you to avoid the embarrassment on the go.

The $10 reusable Cover Up's (silicone nip concealers) give the look of refinement underneath a white LA-made tank top, with what appears to be no effort.

The mentioned of many of these trinkets may seem a bit silly, but with their aid your potential to look great increases tenfold.

For designers carried at Starfish, including Free People, BB Dakota, Lush, and Ark and Co. it must be nice to know that not only are customers trying on their clothes and at the same time are shown the best possible way to wear it. Once customers enter the dressing room the staff will direct you towards well-kept secrets needed for each garment to look its best.

Some dresses by designer Audrey look super cute when a clip is used to transform a regular bra into a cross-back, keeping the bra from detracting from the piece.

And boys don't think you're getting off easily. If your not sure what to buy a girlfriend for her birthday you'll find something here, whether it be a Hello Kitty necklace covered in bling, a pack of Hollywood tape, or a great outfit it will make the task less daunting. There is always plenty to choose from.

LA Made Denim leggings $59.99, BB Dakota Becket Gray $34, Leather/metal multi strand necklace $18.99 or Ark & Co Blk/wt stripped v-neck zipper dress $64.99

Some favorite accessories: Free Bra (silicone strapless bra), extra jeans button for pants that are a bit too big or small, and double stick tape because in cases of emergency it'll never let us down.

Starfish 103 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292

15% off with current SMC student ID