Letter to the Editor: Corsair needs to think things through

The Corsair's Staff Opinion Writers Need Diversity of Thought. In "God speaks, Jones listens," Staff Writer Vienna Urias decides that burning holy books should not occur, and she claims without evidence that "Under no circumstance would U.S. citizens tolerate the burning of the Bible in the Middle East." She falsely equates Islamic response with Christian response. She did not mention Muslims burning Bibles, such as the Saudi gov annually burning Bibles of Christians arrested for gathering. (Saudi Info Agency.)

In "U.S. Troops pull out," Staff Writer Leni Wile trusts Obama's timeline for troop pulling out of Iraq, yet Mr. Wile does not mention a fact that could cause one to doubt Obama's decision making. Obama opposed the 2008 troop surge that stabilized Iraq.

In "Obamanation of transparency," News Editor Daniel Ross derides Tea Party sympathizers, like me, as people whose "reasoned thought goes right out the window," and Mr. Ross pushes for a bigger Federal government. He does not point out arguments in favor of a smaller Federal government or of shifting gov control from Federal to States.


Shane Smith

Math Instructor, SMC