Sexy cat, sexy nurse, sexy angel, sexy nun: Must be Halloween

I remember my first encounter with a "Hoochie" Halloween costume. I had just started high school after being home schooled, yes HOME SCHOOLED, for five years, and I was hanging out with my girlfriend Sara after school discussing what to be for Halloween. "Last year I was a devil," she said. "Want to see what I wore?" She went to the closet and pulled out four items: a black pair of heels, lacy booty shorts, a red corset, and devil's horns. "Oh? What else did you wear?" I asked. "Nothing." She said with a mischievous smile.

My jaw dropped. How out of the loop could I have been? The past four years I was busy being an innocent glitter-throwing fairy, a costume made by my crafty mother.  As a shy fifteen year old it had never occurred to me to be sexy. What was it and what did it mean?

It's seems as though Halloween has become a time for girls to cast aside their inhibitions and dress in revealing and provocative costumes. There is of course a fine line between sexy and trashy, but girls everywhere should not be fearful of expressing their sexual sides.

Ladies, I know how it is. Everyday we are faced with struggles that undermine our sexuality. Other girls and guys say and do hurtful things that bring us down. In addition, our own insecurities almost always get in the way of our own self-confidence.

It's reassuring that when Halloween comes around each year it becomes ok to acknowledge our sexuality and say, "Well this is kind of revealing, but it's Halloween. Everyone dresses up like this." The question then becomes, why do we need a reason to feel sexy only once a year? Shouldn't it be possible to be comfortable in our own skin everyday?

Looking back, what I admired most about Sara was her confidence. It reminded me of the celebrities I saw on TV, who seemed to be perfect. Girls everywhere from the Playboy Mansion to my small hometown were embracing their thigh-high fishnets and stiletto heels. But I couldn't help but wonder is it lingerie or is it a costume? Are you trashy or confident?

Either way it really is just a matter of personal preference.  Do whatever makes you feel confident, sexy, safe, and happy. After all, Halloween is about having a good time. As for me, this year I hung up my fairy wings in favor of a pair of devils' horns and just a touch of glitter.