People sick of green

With the issue of Global Warming still clouding the public's conscience, people are trying to make changes in the way they live life. From buying electrical vehicles to doing something as simple as cutting our shower time, it would seem that everyone is playing their part. The idea of a "green" generation is hard to overlook. We are faced with problems such as high gas prices, high food prices (mainly associated with transportation prices), and the problems associated with recycling.

But what about the other part of the population that simply doesn't care? The harsh truth is that many people are still not paying as much attention to these problems as they should and are still hesitant to perform, for instance, simple tasks such as recycling, simply because it takes too much work. According to (one of the country's largest online organizations for social issues), every month, Americans throw out enough recyclable glass bottles and jars to fill up a skyscraper!

It is obvious that not everyone recycles. Lizet Rivera, a second year student at Santa Monica College said, "I guess sometimes I get too lazy to recycle."

Another huge environmental impact is the use of too much water, with one SMC student even admitting to taking at least three showers a day. Sandra Arispe, second year student at SMC, has as similar attitude. "Sometimes I take 30 minutes - 1hour showers." "Oh yeah, and I also love meat." Arispe added.

Just as cutting our shower times conserves both water and energy, the same thing goes with eating meat. Eating less meat not only saves the animals but also reduces our carbon footprint – partially a result of the high transportation prices for food.

Leslie Estrada, a third year student at SMC and Crew Leader of Sustainable works, said "I do a variety of things, but I love to teach Sustainable works and ?help students become more informed so they could go and reach out to? their friends and family, even if it's just recycling. Everyone knows ?that recycling is good – it's so simple and reduces the trash. Not? eating meat is a huge factor in being more environmentally friendly ?too. Reduces your carbon footprint by so much."

Estrada is one of many who is actively looking to protect our planet. Not only does she recycle, but she also contributes to the well-being of the environment by driving a low-emissions vehicle.

"I feel like people could always try to put in a little extra effort to help our planet become more beautiful," Estrada said. "We take so much from it to support our lifestyles, we have the ability to give back and keep it? looking and feeling gorgeous for everything as well as everyone to? enjoy."

What about those other people that take 30 minute showers? Aren't they aware that if we keep living the way we do, we are going to destroy mother earth? The truth is, there are some people that are actually doing something about this, others not so much.