Is sexting a dangerous game or a skillful talent?

Snapping a nude photo of yourself and sending it to a person you have the hots for has become a social norm rather quickly. It seems that young adults are quick to take naked pictures of themselves and send it via picture SMS (short message service) or e-mail. It doesn't seem harmful until you begin to think about the humiliating consequences the photo could potentially cause. For example, in the media, nude shots of celebrities get leaked quite often. From Rihanna to Miley Cyrus to Kim Kardashian to Pete Wentz, we've seen them all.

Even though a multitude of examples can happen when nude shots get into the hands of the wrong person, people still engage in this dangerous activity all the time. Why?

Honestly? Because it's not a big deal.  I don't find sending nude photos wrong. Realistically, we have raging hormones and take interest in naughty activity; in a way, sending naked pictures is quite mischievous and a wonderfully lustful rush. Also, guys get excited when a steamy picture of an attractive girl pops up in their inbox.

Logically, we're all adults and should therefore be aware of the repercussions of the act. If you are surprised when more people end up seeing the naked pictures you've taken than you planned, grow up. We make our own choices despite the negative effects they can have.  If an adult wants to send their boyfriend or girlfriend a picture of their private parts, I'm all for it because it's their business; especially since both individuals in the party are of legal age.

For people who plan to continue to snap those revealing photos, here are a few tips to avoid regret.  When you snap a shot of your private parts, refrain from showing your face. If it's just a picture of the body part, it leaves you the opportunity to deny that it's actually you in the photo. If you're extremely attractive with an outstanding figure, own it.

Have no shame in snapping the picture in its entirety. There are women who pose nude for a living. Having pride in the body you're living in isn't a bad thing. I admire it.

Just know what you're getting yourself into, ladies.

"I think it's weird because when people break-up, that picture can still be in that persons phone," said Santa Monica College sophomore Vanessa Thornton . "It's super easy to upload and forward pictures on other sites," she added.

If you're embarrassed just thinking about everyone you know seeing a picture of you naked, remember that this is a common repercussion of taking that picture in the first place.  Many relationships end sloppily, with feelings hurt.  Those emotions could be quite the catalyst to naked photographs of you ending up where you never wanted them. For example, on the internet.

Yes, sending naked photos is a dangerous playground since spiteful people live in this world. By sending that message, you're allowing yourself to be humiliated by people who weren't meant to see intimate photos of you.  Funny thing is, life allows us to make choices on our own behalf.

As long as the person is completely content with sending nudes, with full awareness of what could happen, then I applaud you. I admire you. At the end of the day, you're not ashamed by the choices you're making, and you're not afraid to live it up, so, long live the nudes!